iPhone 4 Unlocking – What It Is And How To Do It

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Are you looking for some Iphone 4 Unlocking methods?  If you are, then you might want to consider reading this article.  I will provide you with insights as to how great this gadget really is – and how you can unlock it with minimum cost to you.

Iphone 4 Unlocking – Why It Will Definitely Benefit You

The Iphone is certainly one of the most useful and excellent gadgets that have come out today.  It has the most excellent features that will certainly make calling, texting and even web browsing a lot easier and more convenient for you.

However, if you want to maximize all the fun and the features that this gadget can offer – then unlocking your Iphone will surely be the best move on your part.  And all that you have to do is to unlock your phone using the most effective method that you can get hold of.

Iphone 4 Unlocking Methods That You Can Use

There are many methods of unlocking your Iphone.  Here are some of the most popular ones and the steps of doing them:

Manual Iphone Unlocking Method Through A Computer Chip

1. Open your phone up.  Get a screw driver and some other tools that you can use to open your phone safely and effectively.

2. After opening your phone, place a computer chip inside your Iphone.  This chip will serve as a “jumper” which will then eventually allow you to use the SIM cards of other networks, aside from the one which has been bundled with your Iphone.

3. Turn your Iphone off and place your preferred SIM card in your phone.

4. Turn your Iphone back on.  If your Iphone recognizes the computer chip, it will mean that you can use any of the SIM cards that you want.  If not, then do the abovementioned processes again until successful.

You must take note though, that in this method, you will need to have a set of special skills to ensure that you do not destroy your phone and render it utterly useless.  Otherwise, try other methods.  Placing this expensive chip in the wrong area can cause some irreversible consequences – and you do not want that.

Iphone Unlocking Method Through Direct Program Installation

1. Before you can unlock your Iphone, you must first jailbreak and update your Iphone to a more updated version.  However, you must preserve your old baseband as well.

2. Jailbreak your Iphone by downloading and installing a jailbreaking computer software directly to your Iphone.

3. After jailbreaking your Iphone, you then unlock your Iphone 4 using a computer software as well.

4. Firstly, launch the Cydia program from your Iphone springboard.

5. Next, go to the Manage tab.  After doing so, you then go to the Sources button.

6. Go to Edit and then press Add.  Afterwards, you will be required to enter the URL of the source program – which is the unlocking software that you will need to use.  You then press Add Source.

7. There will then be a series of steps that will automatically run.  Wait until these steps are finished.

8. Search for the unlocking program in your Iphone using Cydia again.  As soon as find it, install it to your Iphone – and then run it to unlock your Iphone.

9. Reboot your Iphone 4.  As soon as it turns back on again, your Iphone will be unlocked.

Iphone 4 Unlocking Software – The Easiest Method That You Can Use

Now, if you are trying to find the most convenient and safest way of unlocking your Iphone, then you should seriously consider getting a computer software for this purpose.  With this method, you do not have to open your phone up, nor do you have to risk getting any risky computer viruses and malwares.  All that you need is to get the right software and everything will be up to par.

Why don’t you take a look at this software program? Visit: Iphone 4 Unlocking And Jaibreaking Program

Indeed, using a computer program is the most efficient and the least time consuming-method that you can use to unlock your Iphone 4.  It is now up to you if you want to take advantage of this or not.

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