iPhone 4 unlock 4.1 – How To Do It Step by Step

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You have just gotten your hands on one of the most sought after mobile phones ever, the iPhone 4, and you’re hoping against hope that just like its older model, you can look for a quick iPhone 4 unlock 4.1.

Like most people, you probably want to unlock your iPhone to get free applications and different features, compared to the normal, locked iPhone 4. By unlocking your iPhone 4, there are no bounds as to what and however you want to use your iPhone!

However, keep in mind that unlocking an iPhone can make your warranty null and void. If you have no idea how to unlock your iPhone, and you’re scared that you might destroy it (brick it), it’s best that you get a hold of a software program that will do the unlocking for you!

1. An unlocked iPhone’s potential is beyond bounds, especially when compared to any other mobile or handheld PDA. You can install custom apps that can increase its ability and experience amazing features.

2. With an unlocked iPhone 4, you can customize your phone as well as the applications you want. It’s so easy that you won’t even need to read the manual!

3. The unlocked feature will make you have easier access to a lot of great games – it will give you better flexibility; especially when compared to the locked one.

4. Your iPhone can actually be used for checking out features that cannot be used on a locked iPhone. These special features cannot be made available to everyone, since they weren’t finely made – however, if you’re a techy, you may as well tweak them yourself and find a very useful app that you can make use of!

5. When you unlock an iPhone, you need not worry about your phone’s performance – it will still be the same. Same speed – the works!

Unlock your iPhone 4 today!

  • The first thing you must do is backup your iPhone on iTunes.
  • Go online and look for a software program that can unlock your iPhone.
  • There are a number of great software programs, however, some may be scams! Make sure to read the specifications of the software program and also read the user reviews! This will help you make a decision on what to get!
  • Download the software program of your choice.
  • Load the software program.
  • Once the program is open, connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • At the software program screen, run your finger on the ‘slide to unlock’ slider to start the process of unlocking your phone.
  • The program will be downloaded to your iPhone. It’s easy – it runs itself!
  • You will see “Cydia has been added to your home screen” once the unlocking has been completed.
  • Restart your iPhone and enjoy its new perks!
  • Remember not to sync your iPhone to your iTunes!

REMINDER: If in the future, you find that you don’t really want an unlocked iPhone, you need not worry! The unlocking is reversible. All you need to do is sync your iPhone to the iTunes on your computer! Then, you can click the restore button under the VERSION tab.

Use a Software Program To Unlock Your iPhone 4 4.1 Automatically:

An unlocked iPhone 4 has proved to be of great use to a lot of iPhone users. If you want to make use of your iPhone in more ways than what’s provided, why don’t you look into unlocking your iPhone? The best way to do this is through getting a software program that will enable you to unlock your iPhone and make use of apps that are not available to everyone!

Why don’t you take a look at this software program? Visit: iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1

The technique to unlock your iPhone is by downloading a program – it’s both safe and effective. Remember, you may void warranty though – but hey, you’ll have a neat device anyway!

Do you want to unlock your iPhone 4? Visit: iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1

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