iPhone 4 Unlock 2.10.4 Software To Automatically Unlock iPhone 4

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Do you know that there’s an iPhone 4 unlock 2.10.4 software? This may sound a bit surprising for some iPhone users, but unlocking your iPhone 4 with a 2.10.4 baseband is now possible. Just when people thought that the iPhone 4 is unlockable, developers have worked overtime to counter the latest basebands updates with potent exploits.

iPhone 4 unlock 2.10.4 – the MITM SIM Interposer

Don’t be fooled by its name, the MITM SIM Interposer is basically a small device that you insert between the SIM card bay of your iPhone and the SIM card itself. It is called as such because the technique being used here is what referred to as “Man In The Middle” or simply MITM. It has been proven that this slight hardware modification works on both 2.10.4 and 3.10.01 basebands. On a positive note, this device is known to be safe and would not damage the hardware of the phone. It is also does not affect the battery life of the iPhone, since its activation remains transient.

Once the initial validation has been set —through exploiting the emergency connection using the TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscribers Number)—the iPhone owner can now connect to his preferred carrier with no signal loss or cellular transmission disruptions. The only downside to this method is that every time the mobile device lost signal or power, you would have to revalidate your TMSI (since this is temporary, you will have to obtain it again) through connecting to an emergency call. This revalidation process can be likened to a tethered jailbreak for iPhones wherein you have to repeat the jailbreaking process the moment the phone loses power.

iPhone 4 unlock 2.10.4 – Using the Network Control Key

If you want to a fail-safe and legitimate unlocking method, then there is no better choice than using an unlock code or Network Control Key (NCK). This 15-digit number code will instantly and permanently unlock your iPhone, regardless of the firmware or basebands. When a phone is being activated – either used for the first time or rebooted after a firmware upgrade – a ‘wildcard ticket’ is being generated from Apple’s server. If your phone is locked, the wildcard ticket that will be generated has a restriction set and will be stored on the device.

The NCK targets these restriction sets and disables them, making it possible for you to use other SIMs on your phone. But as its name suggests, NCK is a control code that only Apple and the phone carrier have access to. So unless you hire the services of legitimate phone unlockers, your chances of getting the unlock code for your iPhone is very slim.

iPhone 4 unlock 2.10.4 – Using an unlocking software

The 2.10.4 baseband is one of the hardest to unlock. And many developers have failed to create an exploit for this baseband. This is probably the reason why some iPhone users are looking for other ways to unlock their mobile device. Fortunately, unlocking softwares can now work on this baseband to finally unlock your precious iPhone 4. Here’s how you install the unlocking software:

1. Visit the software product’s website and purchase the software.

2. Connect the mobile device in your computer. Make sure that it is shut off.

3. Run the program. Its first process would be to put your iPhone 4 into DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade). All you need to do is follow that prompts on screen – hold the sleep/power button and home button at the same time for 10 seconds then release the sleep/power button after that while holding on to the home button. Do so for 15 seconds.

4. After that, the jailbreaking process will start. For now, do nothing and wait for the process to complete.

5. Once done, disconnect the iPhone and reboot it.

An unlocking software that’s a cut above the rest

When it comes to unlocking your iPhone, you should not settle for anything less.  You can use a SIM interposer or obtain your iPhone 4’s Network Control Key. However, If you want a worry-free method, an unlocking software would be very useful. It is also important that your chosen software can also jailbreak your device, offering you a combo solution for your phone.

Why don’t you take a look at this software? Visit: iPhone 4 Unlock 2.10.4 Software

An advantage of an unlocking software is it’s easy to use. You don’t have to be an electronics engineer to activate its unlock mechanism. It’s also accessible. Once you have purchased the software, you can instantly use it on your phone. The most important of all, an unlock software is regularly updated to ensure that you iPhone stays unlocked even after multiple firmware and baseband upgrades.

So do you want to unlock your iPhone 4 right now? Today? Visit: iPhone 4 Unlock 2.10.4 Software

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