iPhone 4 unlock 4.2.1 – Everything You Need To Know Explained

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Are you looking for iPhone 4 unlock 4.2.1? Perhaps you are very much curious since this model just hit the market and given the limited access provided by Apple on its applications, you would naturally look for ways on how to unlock it.

There are lots of software tools now which can unlock iPhone 4 in just minutes. Most of them have to jailbreak it first because it already has unlocking carrier. That’s typically getting one software that will take care of two jobs.

Unlocking and Jailbreaking: What’s the Difference?

Many would assume that unlocking and jailbreaking means the same because it enables the iPhone to run custom codes on its applications and various features. Unlocking the phone is best defined as being able to gain access to other SIM cards other than the one being used. The need to unlock usually comes from the fact that the user wants to gain wider coverage especially when traveling in different region. This is also cheaper because of local usage rate. Network providers usually charge roaming fees to those who would be travelling to other places and wish their phone to still be able to receive and send messages and calls. Jailbreaking is getting down to the iPhone’s main codes and enabling them to allow series of applications to be installed other than the ones permitted by Apple.

How to Unlock 4.2.1

Since iPhone 4.2.1 is a new OS version, users must understand some things before making the decision to unlock. Most unlocking tools processes existing basebands of the iPhone and upgrade it to new version. So when the unlocking software tool is run in the iPhone, user should not downgrade to versions lower than it. Doing it will only void your warranty with Apple.  It’s true that most unlocking tools can be quite complicated because of the technical stuffs. But with so many sophisticated unlocking tools available nowadays, it is already possible to unlock the iPhone without necessarily having technical knowledge.

Here’s an excellent guide to unlock iPhone 4.2.1.

1. Download the latest software tool to unlock iPhone 4.2.1 in your pc. Simply read and click as each dialog box opens to confirm the actions that you will be taking
2. Connect your iPhone to your pc and run the application you just downloaded
3. Keep in mind though that an iPhone has to be jailbroken first before it can be unlocked. Some software tools only take about a couple of minutes to do this because it is automatic.
4. After the iPhone has been jailbroken, run the application for unlocking.
5. Once you have restarted your iPhone, unlock is automatically done.

Some people have already made updates on iPhone 4.2.1 through iTunes; they are searching for the best way to unlock. Having your phone relocked can cause concern for some since Apple would naturally void the warranty. That’s why there’s a need for software which can also accommodate such type of job and solve even those cases damaged by bad unlocking software. It is also best to pick out the software tool which handles unlocking even with firmware versions such as iPhone 3 and 4.

It is not difficult anymore to unlock iPhone 4.2.1 with the latest available software online. One just have to make sure that what he is getting a truly a reliable and efficient one. Don’t hassle yourself with so many technicalities but instead choose the software program which automatically solves your problem.

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Learn the simple tricks of enjoying your iPhone to the fullest. Scrutinize the  software tool’s credibility and check out the customer support system to back you up during the unlocking process.

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iPhone 4 Unlocking – What It Is And How To Do It

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Are you looking for some Iphone 4 Unlocking methods?  If you are, then you might want to consider reading this article.  I will provide you with insights as to how great this gadget really is – and how you can unlock it with minimum cost to you.

Iphone 4 Unlocking – Why It Will Definitely Benefit You

The Iphone is certainly one of the most useful and excellent gadgets that have come out today.  It has the most excellent features that will certainly make calling, texting and even web browsing a lot easier and more convenient for you.

However, if you want to maximize all the fun and the features that this gadget can offer – then unlocking your Iphone will surely be the best move on your part.  And all that you have to do is to unlock your phone using the most effective method that you can get hold of.

Iphone 4 Unlocking Methods That You Can Use

There are many methods of unlocking your Iphone.  Here are some of the most popular ones and the steps of doing them:

Manual Iphone Unlocking Method Through A Computer Chip

1. Open your phone up.  Get a screw driver and some other tools that you can use to open your phone safely and effectively.

2. After opening your phone, place a computer chip inside your Iphone.  This chip will serve as a “jumper” which will then eventually allow you to use the SIM cards of other networks, aside from the one which has been bundled with your Iphone.

3. Turn your Iphone off and place your preferred SIM card in your phone.

4. Turn your Iphone back on.  If your Iphone recognizes the computer chip, it will mean that you can use any of the SIM cards that you want.  If not, then do the abovementioned processes again until successful.

You must take note though, that in this method, you will need to have a set of special skills to ensure that you do not destroy your phone and render it utterly useless.  Otherwise, try other methods.  Placing this expensive chip in the wrong area can cause some irreversible consequences – and you do not want that.

Iphone Unlocking Method Through Direct Program Installation

1. Before you can unlock your Iphone, you must first jailbreak and update your Iphone to a more updated version.  However, you must preserve your old baseband as well.

2. Jailbreak your Iphone by downloading and installing a jailbreaking computer software directly to your Iphone.

3. After jailbreaking your Iphone, you then unlock your Iphone 4 using a computer software as well.

4. Firstly, launch the Cydia program from your Iphone springboard.

5. Next, go to the Manage tab.  After doing so, you then go to the Sources button.

6. Go to Edit and then press Add.  Afterwards, you will be required to enter the URL of the source program – which is the unlocking software that you will need to use.  You then press Add Source.

7. There will then be a series of steps that will automatically run.  Wait until these steps are finished.

8. Search for the unlocking program in your Iphone using Cydia again.  As soon as find it, install it to your Iphone – and then run it to unlock your Iphone.

9. Reboot your Iphone 4.  As soon as it turns back on again, your Iphone will be unlocked.

Iphone 4 Unlocking Software – The Easiest Method That You Can Use

Now, if you are trying to find the most convenient and safest way of unlocking your Iphone, then you should seriously consider getting a computer software for this purpose.  With this method, you do not have to open your phone up, nor do you have to risk getting any risky computer viruses and malwares.  All that you need is to get the right software and everything will be up to par.

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Indeed, using a computer program is the most efficient and the least time consuming-method that you can use to unlock your Iphone 4.  It is now up to you if you want to take advantage of this or not.

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iPhone 4 unlock 4.1 – How To Do It Step by Step

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You have just gotten your hands on one of the most sought after mobile phones ever, the iPhone 4, and you’re hoping against hope that just like its older model, you can look for a quick iPhone 4 unlock 4.1.

Like most people, you probably want to unlock your iPhone to get free applications and different features, compared to the normal, locked iPhone 4. By unlocking your iPhone 4, there are no bounds as to what and however you want to use your iPhone!

However, keep in mind that unlocking an iPhone can make your warranty null and void. If you have no idea how to unlock your iPhone, and you’re scared that you might destroy it (brick it), it’s best that you get a hold of a software program that will do the unlocking for you!

1. An unlocked iPhone’s potential is beyond bounds, especially when compared to any other mobile or handheld PDA. You can install custom apps that can increase its ability and experience amazing features.

2. With an unlocked iPhone 4, you can customize your phone as well as the applications you want. It’s so easy that you won’t even need to read the manual!

3. The unlocked feature will make you have easier access to a lot of great games – it will give you better flexibility; especially when compared to the locked one.

4. Your iPhone can actually be used for checking out features that cannot be used on a locked iPhone. These special features cannot be made available to everyone, since they weren’t finely made – however, if you’re a techy, you may as well tweak them yourself and find a very useful app that you can make use of!

5. When you unlock an iPhone, you need not worry about your phone’s performance – it will still be the same. Same speed – the works!

Unlock your iPhone 4 today!

  • The first thing you must do is backup your iPhone on iTunes.
  • Go online and look for a software program that can unlock your iPhone.
  • There are a number of great software programs, however, some may be scams! Make sure to read the specifications of the software program and also read the user reviews! This will help you make a decision on what to get!
  • Download the software program of your choice.
  • Load the software program.
  • Once the program is open, connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • At the software program screen, run your finger on the ‘slide to unlock’ slider to start the process of unlocking your phone.
  • The program will be downloaded to your iPhone. It’s easy – it runs itself!
  • You will see “Cydia has been added to your home screen” once the unlocking has been completed.
  • Restart your iPhone and enjoy its new perks!
  • Remember not to sync your iPhone to your iTunes!

REMINDER: If in the future, you find that you don’t really want an unlocked iPhone, you need not worry! The unlocking is reversible. All you need to do is sync your iPhone to the iTunes on your computer! Then, you can click the restore button under the VERSION tab.

Use a Software Program To Unlock Your iPhone 4 4.1 Automatically:

An unlocked iPhone 4 has proved to be of great use to a lot of iPhone users. If you want to make use of your iPhone in more ways than what’s provided, why don’t you look into unlocking your iPhone? The best way to do this is through getting a software program that will enable you to unlock your iPhone and make use of apps that are not available to everyone!

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The technique to unlock your iPhone is by downloading a program – it’s both safe and effective. Remember, you may void warranty though – but hey, you’ll have a neat device anyway!

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iPhone 4 Unlock 4.0.2 – How To Do It

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Having a hard time trying to look for IPhone 4 Unlock 4.0.2? Indeed it is quite a hard thing to do. There are so many risks out there.

IPhone 4 unlock 4.0.2 is becoming popular nowadays. There are lots iPhone users out there who are in dire need of tips to unlock their iPhone unit. You might be wondering why there is a need for iPhone 4 unlock 4.0.2.

Benefits Of Having IPhone 4 Unlock 4.0.2

With an unlocked iPhone you can do more with your unit. You will be able to save more money from your usual monthly cell phone bills. You can do this by using other SIM card from other network providers that has more affordable rates.

With an unlocked iPhone unit you can have more third party applications to choose from. You will be able to have personalized ringtones for your incoming and outgoing calls. One can also play various games with their unit like GameBoy, NES, and even PlayStation. It is like having lots of gadget in one device.

Now that you know what an unlocked iPhone can do, there are some other things that you will need to know before you can start unlocking your own unit. There are some risks that entail unlocking your unit. There is a possibility that you can damage your unit and it would become unusable. There are cases that they were able to unlock their unit but have voided their warranty. You have to be aware of such consequences. But as you can see many individuals are now enjoying what their unlocked iPhones can do.

Tips To IPhone 4 Unlock 4.0.2

1. The first thing you need to do is to jailbreak your iPhone unit first. You can do this by having the latest version of iTunes installed in your unit. Then you will need to install a Cydia installer so that your unit will allow software to be installed in its system. One can get free jailbreak guides online just be sure that you are getting it from a reliable site.

2. Once you have a jailbreak iPhone then you are ready to have it unlock. You will need to launch the Cydia Installer.

3. Go to the Manage Tab and press it. Then press the Services Tab.

4. At top right corner of your screen press Edit.

5. Then an Add Tab will appear on your top screen, just press it.

6. From there you can add the software URL that you need and return to Cydia and press the Done Tab.

7. You can go back to the software’s URL that you added and select it from your user’s sources list.

8. Then you can start installing your chosen software and it will prompt you what to do next. Once you are finished, you will be able to insert any SIM card of your choice.

There you have it a way to jailbreak and unlock your unit. Just be sure that you have followed everything or else you can just damage your iPhone.

Using Guaranteed Software For IPhone 4 Unlock 4.0.2

Why go through all that trouble when you can just use a guaranteed method. Software for iPhone 4 unlock 4.0.2 is available and the good news is that it can jailbreak and unlock your unit at the same time. It has been a proven and tested method by many iPhone 4 users. Now all of them are enjoying all the benefits of having an unlocked iPhone.

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With the right software for iPhone 4 unlock 4.0.2 you do not have to tire yourself finding alternatives to jailbreak and unlock your unit. You can easily do it with the right software to unlock your unit.

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iPhone 4 Unlock 03.10.01

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Want to perform an iPhone 4 Unlock 03.10.01? iPhone 4 belongs to the fourth generation models of iPhone units manufactured by Apple Inc.  Compared to old iPhone devices such as iPhone 2G(GSM), iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, this unit is much more sophisticated and contains wonderful product features like Face Time video calling where its front and rear view cameras can communicate with the presence of genuine image of the conversing user.

iPhone 4’s Face Time can interact with users of  another iPhone 4, iPad2 and latest models of iPod Touch or Mac via Wi-Fi connection.  Another best app on iPhone 4 is the 960 x 640 resolution in 3.5 inch screen size where the visual output provides an effective retinal display making images and texts highly sharp and visible.  Further, the 2 other great features are 720p high definition video and multiple apps like ringtones, themes, games and etc that won’t bore an iPhone user.

However, with such highly advanced apps of iPhone 4, there are some consumers who hunger for more software applications which caused such to create an iPhone 4 unlock 03.10.01, a jailbreaking software that access the main system of Apple app store and install those applications prohibited and not prohibited by Apple Inc. as well those third party app packages. iPhone 4 unlock 3.10.01 is achieved when a right jailbreaking measures is used where it activates multiple mobile service connection in an iPhone 4 unit instead of one and also, gain entry on the restricted software compartments of Apple Inc. where numerous apps lies waiting to be explored.

Do iPhone 4 Unlock 03.10.01 Differently

In unlocking iPhone 4 unit, there are only 2 options that can be made which is the technical hardware manipulation method or the software handling.  Touching the interiors of an iPhone 4 unit must be done by a knowledgeable and skilful electronics enthusiast so as to ensure the appropriate dismantling and restructuring of the device whereas the software aspect is only done through a software app that can enable to iPhone 4 unlock 03.10.01.  The various software applications in unlocking are all available in the net which are made by hackers and software system experts with code names of Geohot, ih8snow, Comex, I-Phone Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team and MashBasher.  The developed iPhone 4 unlock 03.10.01 have popular names of Redsn0w (0.9.6rc16); Sn0wbreeze 2.7.3 and PwnageTool for iPhone 4 GSM model and for iPhone 4 CDMA models’ have jailbreak apps of Sn0wbreeze 2.7.3, PwnageTool 4.2 and Bundles.

Jailbreak Method for iPhone 4 Unlock 03.10.01

With several number of software developed for iPhone 4 unlock 03.10.01, majority of them don’t provide a maximum application experience due to some inefficiencies that may disable other apps.  However, there is a system application that can perform the overall job of unlocking & jailbreaking with only a few steps to follow which are:

Step 1: Visit the website (link is below)
Step 2: Register to the website and gather the password that’s been send to your email adress.
Step 3: Login and start downloading the software installer which is compatible to both Windows and Macintosh computers.
Step 4: Begin the installation using the illustrated guide of jailbreaking and unlocking in just a span of 10 minutes.
Step 5: Once the phone is jailbreaked, Cydia installer, Apple app Store applications and other third party applications can now be accessed.

Ultimate Tool To Perform An Automatic iPhone 4 Unlock 03.10.01

Confused with the multiple steps to unlock iPhone 4? Try the shortest and easiest route for an iPhone unlock 03.10.01 supported by Cydia installer.

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The tool is a convenient way of viewing high end applications; in just 3 steps everything is opened.

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iPhone 4 Unlock 2.10.4 Software To Automatically Unlock iPhone 4

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Do you know that there’s an iPhone 4 unlock 2.10.4 software? This may sound a bit surprising for some iPhone users, but unlocking your iPhone 4 with a 2.10.4 baseband is now possible. Just when people thought that the iPhone 4 is unlockable, developers have worked overtime to counter the latest basebands updates with potent exploits.

iPhone 4 unlock 2.10.4 – the MITM SIM Interposer

Don’t be fooled by its name, the MITM SIM Interposer is basically a small device that you insert between the SIM card bay of your iPhone and the SIM card itself. It is called as such because the technique being used here is what referred to as “Man In The Middle” or simply MITM. It has been proven that this slight hardware modification works on both 2.10.4 and 3.10.01 basebands. On a positive note, this device is known to be safe and would not damage the hardware of the phone. It is also does not affect the battery life of the iPhone, since its activation remains transient.

Once the initial validation has been set —through exploiting the emergency connection using the TMSI (Temporary Mobile Subscribers Number)—the iPhone owner can now connect to his preferred carrier with no signal loss or cellular transmission disruptions. The only downside to this method is that every time the mobile device lost signal or power, you would have to revalidate your TMSI (since this is temporary, you will have to obtain it again) through connecting to an emergency call. This revalidation process can be likened to a tethered jailbreak for iPhones wherein you have to repeat the jailbreaking process the moment the phone loses power.

iPhone 4 unlock 2.10.4 – Using the Network Control Key

If you want to a fail-safe and legitimate unlocking method, then there is no better choice than using an unlock code or Network Control Key (NCK). This 15-digit number code will instantly and permanently unlock your iPhone, regardless of the firmware or basebands. When a phone is being activated – either used for the first time or rebooted after a firmware upgrade – a ‘wildcard ticket’ is being generated from Apple’s server. If your phone is locked, the wildcard ticket that will be generated has a restriction set and will be stored on the device.

The NCK targets these restriction sets and disables them, making it possible for you to use other SIMs on your phone. But as its name suggests, NCK is a control code that only Apple and the phone carrier have access to. So unless you hire the services of legitimate phone unlockers, your chances of getting the unlock code for your iPhone is very slim.

iPhone 4 unlock 2.10.4 – Using an unlocking software

The 2.10.4 baseband is one of the hardest to unlock. And many developers have failed to create an exploit for this baseband. This is probably the reason why some iPhone users are looking for other ways to unlock their mobile device. Fortunately, unlocking softwares can now work on this baseband to finally unlock your precious iPhone 4. Here’s how you install the unlocking software:

1. Visit the software product’s website and purchase the software.

2. Connect the mobile device in your computer. Make sure that it is shut off.

3. Run the program. Its first process would be to put your iPhone 4 into DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade). All you need to do is follow that prompts on screen – hold the sleep/power button and home button at the same time for 10 seconds then release the sleep/power button after that while holding on to the home button. Do so for 15 seconds.

4. After that, the jailbreaking process will start. For now, do nothing and wait for the process to complete.

5. Once done, disconnect the iPhone and reboot it.

An unlocking software that’s a cut above the rest

When it comes to unlocking your iPhone, you should not settle for anything less.  You can use a SIM interposer or obtain your iPhone 4’s Network Control Key. However, If you want a worry-free method, an unlocking software would be very useful. It is also important that your chosen software can also jailbreak your device, offering you a combo solution for your phone.

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An advantage of an unlocking software is it’s easy to use. You don’t have to be an electronics engineer to activate its unlock mechanism. It’s also accessible. Once you have purchased the software, you can instantly use it on your phone. The most important of all, an unlock software is regularly updated to ensure that you iPhone stays unlocked even after multiple firmware and baseband upgrades.

So do you want to unlock your iPhone 4 right now? Today? Visit: iPhone 4 Unlock 2.10.4 Software